I’m Gonçalo Payne, a front-end web dev based in the UK. I specialise in CSS, HTML5 and Javascript, though I’m also familiar with PHP, and very rusty with Python. I focus mostly on front-end development, and dabble occasionally with the likes of Node.js and other things, like KnockoutJS. On the occasion I am inspired towards my own projects, I put my stuff onto Github. Otherwise, I am a recluse in terms of my social media presence.

My general goals are to further expand my knowledge of Javascript, currently looking into more detail with WebGL and Canvas work. Other things I’d like to have the time to pursue is perhaps learn Rust or Go as a means to expand my knowledge beyond just front-end development.

When I’m not coding, I spend my time playing computer games and watching Netflix, particularly enjoying shows ranging from Stranger Things, Black Mirror and The Expanse. I keep tabs on the ever changing landscape of technology through various blogs and websites dedicated to tech news. I also really like coffee.