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I’m Gonçalo Rica Pais da Silva (or Gonçalo Rica Payne in the UK), a front-end developer now located in Barcelona. I specialise in Typescript and Javascript, along with HTML and CSS, though I’m also experimenting and learning Rust at the moment. I focus mostly on front-end development, and dabble occasionally in other areas like Node.js and whatever I can do with Rust. On the occasion I am inspired towards my own projects, I put my stuff onto Github. Otherwise, I am a recluse in terms of my social media presence.

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RaceViewer is a mapping application by YB Tracking for the purposes of tracking and displaying yacht races, adventure races and all sorts of long distance/duration events.



YBlog is a combined blogging and mapping service for YB Tracking customers, to display progress during journeys/adventures/races by including tracking data, blog posts and images taken during the trip.



ViewerBox.js is a lightbox plugin, built with jQuery to satisfy my need for a lightweight and capable lightbox without a lot of the fluff or styling overhead that other more well-known plugins come with.

CSS Inject

CSS Inject

CSS-Inject is a small utility script for handling dynamic injection of CSS styling onto an HTML document. The use case for this utility is to manage the application of styles that would normally be injected inline using jQuery onto many elements.

Code Payne launches!

Welcome to Code Payne, my personal portfolio and blog for front-end and web related musings. Built with Hugo and made pretty thanks to Zurb’s Foundation framework and some CSS/JS niceness. The lightbox and gallery feature is ViewerBox, another project of mine that I developed specifically for this website.


Funding for Contractors

Funding for Contractors is a firm that focuses on providing funding for recruitment agencies and contractors. The site was built to provide a client portal to manage applications by recruiters and contractors, using custom built forms to store and manage each part of the process.