Code Payne

I’m Gonçalo Rica Pais da Silva (or Gonçalo Rica Payne in the UK), a front-end developer now located in Barcelona. I specialise in Typescript and Javascript, along with HTML and CSS, though I’m also experimenting and learning Rust at the moment. I focus mostly on front-end development, and dabble occasionally in other areas like Node.js and whatever I can do with Rust. On the occasion I am inspired towards my own projects, I put my stuff onto Github. Otherwise, I am a recluse in terms of my social media presence.

Latest Posts


Tama Productions

Tama Productions is a website for the UK-based, award winning Film Production company that produces thought-provoking and creative film. Built with Wordpress, it was designed specifically to showcase their portfolio as the main focus and entry point of the website.


Portico Marketing

Portico Marketing is a firm specialising in interior and aerial property photography for estate agents. Their website was built by myself at boxChilli, to fulfill their needs for not only a portfolio of their work, but also a client area for uploading their commissioned pictures.


K-Konsult Ltd

K-Konsult Ltd is a project I’ve managed for a while, creating a simple and stylish website for a Renewable Energy Services and Consulting company. Used LESS and Gantry Framework for the template, built as a fixed width site for simplicity.