CSS Inject 2

CSS-Inject 2 is a rewrite of CSS-Inject, using more modern style of JS to implement a utility for handling dynamic injection of CSS styling onto an HTML document. Just like CSS-Inject before, the use case for CSS-Inject 2 is to manage styles that would normally be applied inline using jQuery onto many html elements.


Core-js is the internal management system for both YB Tracking and Rock Seven for handling all of their accounts and trackers, from setting up of races to monitoring of trackers and alerts.


RaceViewer is a mapping application by YB Tracking for the purposes of tracking and displaying yacht races, adventure races and all sorts of long distance/duration events.


YBlog is a combined blogging and mapping service for YB Tracking customers, to display progress during journeys/adventures/races by including tracking data, blog posts and images taken during the trip.


ViewerBox.js is a lightbox plugin, built with jQuery to satisfy my need for a lightweight and capable lightbox without a lot of the fluff or styling overhead that other more well-known plugins come with.